The past days have been a lot about trust and debt. Trust that wasn’t
there when it should have been and debt that never was there in the
first place.

At this moment it is futile to lament about how and why the temporary
Aspera license was to ensure Burst’s technological leadership. It
doesn’t matter that it was the PoCC who brought over a year ago GPLv3
to BRS.

It is irrelevant that collision-free multi-chain mining on PoCC pools
was and is one of the key technologies and best strategic steps the
PoCC could make for the future of mining.

It doesn’t matter anymore.

When the PoCC entered the Burst ecosystem, it happened rather
informally. We introduced ourselves in an announcement, presented our
“CG-Wallet” (based on the old NRS 1.2.x with MariaDB backend), the
explorer and just started working.

There was some hostility from a group called BurstNation at that time,
but according to “build it and they will come”, we simply developed
further until the “community” started to use “our stuff”.

The community…

We always said we owe this community nothing and some of us even said
they doubt there is such a thing as “the community”
. There is a more
or less loosely coupled bunch of (self-)interest groups, so when we
talk about community, we in fact mean “community”.

There always has been a very unhealthy expectation attitude within the
community. “You give us stuff, we gladly take it and may even utter a
cheerio or two.” There also is a severe misconception about the role
of the PoCC. We are not just developers. We are a team of highly
skilled individuals with a lot of experience.

Statements we heard in the past days and the perceived sentiment made
us re-evaluate our position and ambition within the Burst
ecosystem. While we absolutely believe we could have led Burst to the
top10, we have come to the conclusion that such an endeavor needs
undeviating coherence of core team and a determined goal-oriented community.

We also came to the conclusion, that there is not a healthy culture of
give and take between core team and community and what’s worse, that
it is unlikely to establish such.

We do not feel to have been in any sort of power, certainly nothing we would need to cling to. The past days made our decision to leave Burst easy. There will be no power struggles, fights or anything warmonger-ish we have heard in the past days. It’s all yours – good riddance!

The PoCC members agreed on this:

We are stopping further public BRS/Aspera feature development for Burst effective immediate. It is now upon the community to get Burst to the stars. The PoCC as entity remains – of course – and would like to explore other options to put its efforts to use.

We will keep up the critical infrastructure for Burst for the time being. (Explorer, Wiki,,

In any case, should we contemplate to shut down public services, we will communicate so beforehand and try to find a solution together with the Burst community. We are willing to answer any emergency or security issues, should these arise and not be solved by the community or anyone who tried to step up and walk in our shoes.

Please be aware that any inquiry demanding to be given DNS, repository control, servers, control keys or similar is currently to be answered with “No, we owe you nothing.” We are certainly prepared – and the community should be too – to transfer infrastructure at fair, cost-covering terms.

We believe we had a sound strategy and vision for Burst. The direction Burst will now take is uncertain. Honestly, we also suspect the pace at which we went will be hard to maintain for anyone else.

The PoCC members have agreed to waive the requirement to hold Burst and can freely decide what to do with their coins. Some have decided to sell and to do so in a fair manner. Their hodl accounts are being transferred to the exchanges shortly after the publication of this letter.

We decided to handle PoCC pools operation like this:

We reserve the right to explore any technology on the PoCC pools to evaluate new mining concepts. In the long term, we believe the miners on our pools will profit from our know-how and our superior technology. We consider every single pool to be a separate entity. Adding up the capacity of several pools for any 51% considerations we consider invalid from now on.

We will offer our miners novel opportunities for revenue not only on the Burst blockchain. Our miners will profit. Multi-chain mining, novel plot file formats and any other advanced technologies will be made available on the PoCC pools first and we reserve the right to make or make not these available to other pools.

Famous last words:

We would like to believe that our departure from Burst will not be accompanied with any more “bad blood” or hard feelings. We still believe that Burst is a great coin and you will never hear the term “shitcoin” from us like you did from many past actors. We depart as friends of Burst who think Burst is awesome, but who also think that PoC is eternal.

We wish the Burst community good luck and some of us may be available to give technical support or answer questions, but please always keep in mind that this is strictly on a voluntary basis.

The PoCC members

ac0v, bold, Brabantian, cgb, Gadrah, JohnnyFFM, rico666, Taliesin Tapiwa, umbrellacorp03, Zach



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  1. Dang… you guys gave up after only a year of work… Would be sad if the market picks up in a few months and burst won’t be there to share in the glory…

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